Billing Information

CASURECO 1, like all other service oriented electric utilities maintains a Billing Cycle in order to provide provide accurate, timely and reliable billing of kwh consumed by its' member-consumers.

The first step in preparation of electric bills is the meter reading of individual kwhr meter of consumers in its coverage area. Our meter readers are well trained and equipped with the state-of-the-art meter reading equipments, such as the Meter Reading Gadgets (Android Phone) and Meter Reading Management Systems (MRMS) where the consumers data are downloaded, then uploaded to computers at the main office. The Billing Section processes bills , thru electronic copy then downloads these to area offices for on-line tellering collection.



Your Billing Statement contains the following information (Account and Meter Data): 

Knowing Your Electric Bill

A. Account Number
B. Meter Serial Number
C. Type of Connection
D. Basic Rates and Other Charges
E. Period Covered
F. Kwhr Consumption
G. Due date
H. Disco date


  • Official Gazette
  • National Electrification Administration
  • National Grid Corporation of the Philippines
  • National Power Corporation
  • Department of Energy
  • Energy Regulatory Commission
  • Wholesale Electricity Stock Market
  • Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management